Pressto Dry Cleaners opens its first store in Jordan

The Spanish chain, leading the express quality dry cleaning and laundry sector, continues  international expansion in the Middle East and has just opened the first master franchise in Jordan.

The first Pressto shop to open in Jordan has been located at Carrefour Shopping Center, a Mall in the Khalda district, in the capital Amman. It is one of the busiest areas in the city.

Pressto has landed into this country with a Franchise Master agreement with a Jordanian company, with experience in different sectors such as agriculture and technology. Competition in dry cleaning and laundry in Jordan, but new Master Franchise has chosen Pressto brand because of the wide range of services and the quality of them, which is going to make Pressto dry cleaners be a success and easily stand out against the rest of dry cleaners. “Jordanian people prefer modern businesses that go for the latest technology and are environmentally friendly” states the new owner. And with this aim, the most advanced technology has been selected, the latest in technology, such as hydrocarbon system cleaning.  This method uses hydrocarbon as solvent, which is more respectful for environment than traditional methods.

Another strong point which is working in the Spanish brand’s favor is Pressto positioning as a chain that offers, above all, quality

New country, new service

Jordanians appreciate to have all they need in one place and Pressto makes always sure that it is like this. As well as the regular dry cleaning and laundry services, Pressto Jordan will offer  Press Toke (alterations and repairs of garments), ironing baskets and  home delivery service.

This year, The Master Franchise intends to open another two stores in Amman, leaving subfranchising for 2016.