Pressto + Plus

In 2014 Pressto launched a new business line to respond to a new niche in the market.

Pressto+Plus is focused on our youngest user, who is highly mobile, who does not have time to queue, or the financial means to contract help in the home to take care of the daily tasks involved in cleaning and ironing garments.

In addition, Pressto+Plus continues to provide a collection point where Pressto’s target client can make use of the normal dry-cleaning, garment repair, shoe repair and dying services, while enjoying the usual quality standards and rapid personal service.

Pressto + Plus wants to change the history of dry cleaning by making it a comprehensive benchmark for the conservation of garments(cleaning, finishing and repair), home furnishings, and accessories where the sole thought is to make the client’s life easier, in turn providing a true service experience.

Pressto+Plus has been conceived and developed as an open, shared space where you can work (wifi access and relaxation zone, free) while you are waiting for your garments to be delivered from the laundry assisted service, for your ironing, or for accessories repair.

Commercial opening hours are comprehensive (14 hours and 363 days per year) with an enhanced portfolio of services available to our clients and a presence in strategic zones. This is principally focused on laundry services and non-cycle services, therefore breaking the seasonality of dry-cleaning.

Currently we have three Pressto+Plus establishments in Madrid and we continue to grow…