Home Delivery service conditions

Request our home pickup and delivery service at Pressto Dry cleaners and forget about carrying your garments, banquets, carpets… we will handle that.

The home delivery services offered are.

  1. Cleaning and finishing ( Ironing, Bagging, Starching, Fragrance) on textile garments and leather.
  2. Only Ironing and finishing of garments
  3. Daily treatment of your laundry. (towels, underwear, shirts…) with a service once or twice a week
  4. Home articles cleaning ( Banquets, Carpets, curtains)
  5. Cleaning and treatment ( leather and textile) at your own home ( chairs, mattresses , sofas…)
  6. Garment mending ( zippers, sewing)
  7. Shoes mending and repair
  8. Technical equipment cleaning ( motorbike helmets, costumes)
  9. Other services: Dyeing, waterproof treatment…

Permanent service for pickup and delivery.

If your daily routine makes it difficult for you to do your laundry and ironing tasks, if you want to enjoy weekend, or simply you don’t like them, In Pressto we offer a pickup and delivery service once or twice a week, sometimes or permanently. You choose!!!

We will pick your clothes and deliver it to you at the time and place you want.

Hire our service at : servicioadomicilio@pressto.com , www.pressto.es or http://app.pressto.es

Service customization

Also, in Pressto you can choose the treatment of your garments. Our technicians will ask you how you will like your garments: With marked lines, with or without fragrance, bagged to travel, on a hanger…

We want to offer you an exclusive service, personal and close to your needs.

Pick up and delivery service prices.

To perform a home delivery service, the minimum amount will have to be at least of 30 € including VAT.

A surcharge of 6€ (VAT included) will be applied in concept of transport over all requests and services.

Absence surcharge of 6 €, at the moment of the pick up or the delivery with concept Transport

All requests will be handled according to established routes. For services out of the regular routes with urgent request, a 5€ surcharge will be applied.

This conditions and amounts are valid for Madrid territory, for other zones, please request more information.

Remember that you can also request our warehousing free service for 3 months, for all garments and leather or textile articles

Geographic areas

You can check our coverage of the service by calling our customer service department at 91 385.82.20 or at 902.05.16.19 from Monday to Sunday from 8 to 22:30 or by writing us an email at servicioadomicilio@pressto.com

Time Schedule for requesting a home delivery service

You can request or home service at any time, 365 days through our website at www.pressto.es, our movile app at, http://app.pressto.es o through email address: servicioadomicilio@pressto.com.

Also by phone 91 385 82 20 or 902 05 16 19 Monday to Sunday fron 8 to 22:30 horas.

Pressto has as a goal to provide our customers with a professional service and with top guarantees. To do so, any request whose units, requirements, dimensions, time table, distance to our warehouse… Pressto reserves the right to confirm the customer the service that can be offered, delivery time and schedule


Cleaning treatment services, finishing and mending of garments, home garments ( Carpets, curtains…) will be delivered from Monday to Sundays ( except bank holidays), at the time you select when performing your request. Our technician will contact you to confirm what time fits your needs.

In Pressto, when the requirements allow us, we will adapt ti the delivery time you need.

You can also select only the delivery service, once you have left your garments in one of our stores. Check our store list and select where you can deliver your clothes

Delivery Times

While you request the service from our web www.pressto.es or app http://app.pressto.es  or trough pone at  91 385 82 20 or 902 05 16 19, you can select the time that fits better your needs. Before the delivery, our technicians will contact you to confirm delivery time.

Absence at the pick up or delivery: In the case of absence at the time of delivery at the moment of pick up or delivery, our staff will left a visit card with their phone number, for you to contact them and rearrange a new time for the delivery

Claims: At the time of delivery, our technicians will show the performed service. If you are not satisfy with the result, we will repeat the cleaning service at no cost. To do so, it is mandatory that you contact our pick up and delivery staff and present them with the purchase ticket. For any questions or claims you can contact our Customer department at 902 422 902, from Monday to Friday from 10 to 14 or Trough out Customer service form.

Quotation: You can ask for a free quotation for the treatment of garments, finishing, warehousing… of any of your clothes. Just contact our home pick up and delivery service at 91 385 82 20 or 902 05 16 19 or at servicioadomicilio@pressto.com

Mode of Payment

Cash: According to the law 7/2012, 29 of October , to prevent fraud, we can not admit payment in cash for amounts equal or bigger 2.500€. Bank cards such as: Visa, Visa Electrón, 4b, 6000 and Master Card are accepted and also Paypal